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I love speaking about all topics relating to entrepreneurship and pursuing your passions. So here are some topics that I am very passionate about:

True Freedom: Doing what you love under your own terms
Online Business: How to use your expertise to make a lot of money online
Business Growth: How to build the foundations for business growth
Social Media: How to harness the power of social media to grow your business
Solopreneur: Can you really survive as a solopreneur?
Mindset: You can’t get far without a mindset for success

Mona’s Professional Bio

Mona Shibel is a Business Consultant, Trainer and Mentor with over 20 years cumulative experience in banking, financial consulting and mentoring for corporations, SMEs and entrepreneurs.

Mona started her career in 1995 with Bank Audi, where she worked for 9 years in corporate and SME credit. As Senior Relationship Manager in one of the bank’s largest regional branches, with a credit portfolio at the time of AED 1.1 billion, she gained significant experience in corporate, commercial and SME credit lending. As a credit relationship manager, a large part of her work involved working with entrepreneurs and small businesses, helping them and advising them on ways to improve their business and cash flows so that they may be eligible for financing.

Mona joined 6 Sigma Financial Consultancy, a DIFC registered company, in 2005 as Financial Consultant in the Consulting arms of the business.

Under the Corporate Finance umbrella, Mona applied financial modeling, performance improvement, business valuation, due diligence and project management on behalf of both buyers and sellers. She worked on a range of performance improvement consultancy projects with sellers to help such companies improve their cash flows prior to finding investors. She also worked on a range of private placement transactions for companies in numerous fields including manufacturing, fashion retail, media, IT, banking, construction, real estate and healthcare.

For corporate clients, Mona executed numerous cash flow consultancies and provided support to clients in improving efficiency and increasing operating cash flows.

While working with 6 Sigma, and given her interest and curiosity with the online world, Mona started her entrepreneurial journey in 2007 by setting up an online business venture. Realizing the potential of business, whereby she was able to generate 30,000 pageviews for her website using simple strategies, she left the corporate world in December 2011 to focus on her business. Within a short period of time, she built a name in the market and was sought out by the most established brands in the market and within 2.5 years, she had a fully streamlined business with an editorial and marketing team working with her. In 2013, Mona sold a share in the business to a strategic investor, which helped in growing traffic for the website to 500,000 pageviews monthly and an Arabic version of the website was launched thereafter.

Through this journey of learning how to run a business and overcoming her own challenges to achieve success, and given the increasing number of entrepreneurs in the Middle East wanting to start their own businesses, Mona decided to leverage her own experience in running an online business as well as her consulting and mentoring experience to help other women entrepreneurs build a thriving business around their passion.

Mona holds an MBA with a concentration in Finance from the American University of Beirut and a BBA from the American University of Beirut.