8 Habits for Successful Social Media Strategy

Social media has become firmly established as an effective way to market almost any business. However, maintaining a successful social media profile requires some work. With the variety of social media sites, tasks, profiles and publishing to manage every day, it can become overwhelming. Therefore, setting your priorities and developing habits around them will ensure success.

The most successful social media marketers maintain 8 highly effective habits. These are:

Habit 1: Posting for your niche

You should first be clear on your niche and learn what the people in your niche need or are most interested in. Then ensure your content satisfies those needs and interests. If you provide a service, think about what issues people in your niche are facing, and provide solutions to those problems. If you sell a product, make sure your content revolves around your product.

Habit 2: Blocking time in your calendar

Although you may be using automation software to schedule your posts, make sure you also schedule time in your calendar once a day to check what’s happening on your social media account.  Do not spill out content with no awareness to what’s actually happening in your account.

For example, if you have a post that is getting a lot of traction, do not post anything additional that will sabotage the success of that post and push it down the page. Instead, let it ride for as long as it can.

Habit 3: Leveraging ads as needed

Even a small budget can go far with the right content on the right network using the right targeting. Using the example of the hot post above, consider turning it into a sponsored post. Also consider running a campaign to add more followers while the post is prominent, in order to give it more exposure to prospects interested in your niche but have yet to follow you.

Habit 4: Using automation

A growing number of tools, such as Later and Hootsuite, will allow you to manage multiple social media accounts with just a few clicks. Pay particular attention to scheduling content in advance for consistent marketing, i.e. don’t wait to find time. Block it in your calendar and schedule content for the whole week.

Habit 5: Think engagement, not just eyeballs

Your content should have high potential to evoke a response, such as comments, likes and shares. Most social media platforms place high importance on engagement when recommending posts to non-followers. Make your calls to action obvious to get higher engagement. Here are some examples to use:

  • Posting Surveys and polls
  • Asking provocative or thought-provoking questions
  • Sharing interesting articles and other niche-related content
  • Posting your opinion on recent news items

Every now and then, when posting, give a clear call to action, such as “Like or share if you agree.”

If you get a comment, reply to it as appropriate. As difficult as this may seem, do not engage with haters.

Habit 6: Following others and engaging as needed

Observe what others are doing and engage by providing helpful non-promotional tips or comments, or simply liking what they post. Keep it authentic though. Others will soon be checking out your profile and possibly following you.

Habit 7: Connecting with influencers

Connect with the top people in your niche. Not only can you learn from them, but it will allow you to build rapport, which over time may result in a range of profitable opportunities. Some platforms like Iconosquare  provide great insights on influencers in a given niche.

Habit 8: Tracking your results

Measure how much engagement you get from each post or interaction. If you are driving traffic to your site, make sure to create a unique URL for each post or campaign so you can track your results easily.

With that, we would have covered the 8 social media habits. Maintaining these habits will guarantee a successful social media strategy for your business.