10 Ways to Increase User Engagement on Facebook

One of the problems I often hear my clients say is that they are not getting enough engagement on Facebook. Here are some activities that will help increase the user engagement on Facebook.
I’ve been using Facebook for business since 2007 and I’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. Though alot of it was through trial and error, I did manage to figure out what kinds of posts get better results. In this article, I’ll be sharing some tips, based on my experience, on how to increase user engagement on your Facebook page.
But first, to avoid confusion, I will be referring to “posts” as any kind of update on the page, such as a status update, text, photo, an article, and so on.
So here are 10 tips for increasing user engagement on your Facebook page:
1- Post content consistently
Post content at least once per day. At some point, in my other business, I used to post new content 3 times daily. Though you do not want to post too many updates in one day as that may irritate your fans, I’ve still seen pages post new content 4-5 times daily and still succeed.
2- Avoid posting updates consecutively
I’ve seen some businesses post 3-4 updates consecutively. That is not a good idea. The key is to maintain enough timing space between the posts so you do not flood your fans’ newsfeed with your posts. Otherwise, you may end up losing some fans. Schedule the posts if you don’t have the time. Facebook offers this option to page admins.
3- Ensure variety
Create variety in the kinds of posts you make. Don’t just post photos or articles. Generally, you should alternate between text, photos and article sharing.
4- Keep it short
When posting text, keep it short. Do not post paragraphs and paragraphs. If you have a lot to say, then create a blog entry on your website and share that.
5- Make it personal
I personally find it difficult to share personal matters as I tend to be very private. But I am just starting to incorporate personal updates into social media because I see what a huge difference that makes. It’s a very important step in building rapport with the audience. It shouldn’t all be about you but be sure to maintain a nice mix of business and personal updates.
6- Avoid over-promoting your business
It’s called “social media” for a reason. It’s meant to be social. Do not oversell your products. If you must promote an upcoming program or product, then be sure to post other updates as well so that you do not saturate the newsfeed with promotional items.
7- Provide occasional calls to action
To encourage shares, ask your fans to share some of your posts with their friends. Whenever your post includes “please share” or “share if you agree”, your fans are a lot more likely to share your post than if you do not include these calls to action.
8- Do not share other people’s posts
Many page owners make this mistake. Unfortunately, when you share another page’s posts, it doesn’t appear in your fans’ newsfeed as frequently as when you post your own content. It helps the other page, which is ok but be sure to limit the amount of such shares because you are not going to get much interaction on your own page.
9- Use photos often
While maintaining the variety as suggested in point 3 above, make sure to incorporate photos several times per week in your updates. The reason for this is that photos get a lot more engagement from users than other posts. Now you might say that photos don’t apply to your kind of business. Take my business page as an example. I am a business mentor, so obviously I do not have the same opportunity to post photos as say a personal stylist or interior designer. However, I do make use of this by posting photo quotes and stock imagery that relate to the posted topic. See an example below of one of my quotes used in a photo. I even included my website address in the photo to ensure that when it’s shared, people can see where it came from.
Empowered Thinking
10- Ask interesting questions
Though in this part of the world, people tend to shy away from answering questions, you can still get a healthy amount of user engagement by asking interesting questions. You can also use this to your advantage by asking your fans what they’d like to see more of on your page.
Most importantly, see what works and do more of that. Not all businesses will get the same kind of interaction so if you see something that’s working, then continue doing that and drop the ones that are not working. Your ultimate goal is more user engagement because that is what organically grows your business page.