5 Reasons To Hire a Business Mentor

Is working with a mentor the right choice for you? Check out these five benefits of working with a business mentor!Business Mentoring
A big part of my success was achieved WHEN I had a mentor by my side. Since 2007, I have worked with several mentors and coaches. That is why I truly believe in this service and why I have chosen this path.
The times when I was working with a mentor were the times when I experienced the biggest personal and business growth. That’s not a coincidence although I have to point out that a mentor or coach is never responsible FOR you and he/she will never take credit for your success. YOU are responsible for your own success and actions. But they do give the nudges and support that seem to make success a lot more effortless.
More and more individuals are now reaching out to a mentor to help propel them forward in their life and business.
But first, let’s explain the difference between a coach and mentor. A coach helps raise a client’s awareness by asking powerful questions. Essentially, he/she empowers the client to find the answers. The relationship also is more short-term and goal-oriented.
A mentor may use coaching techniques in his/her approach but he/she generally shows the client how to do something and advices the client on a suitable course of action. It’s because they have done it before and have the knowledge, experience and expertise to help others along the same path. Also, a mentor’s relationship with the client tends to be more long-term.
Both options are great. It all depends on your particular needs. In this article, I’ll be focusing on the benefits of working with a business mentor.
Of-course, there are numerous benefits but first, I’d like to bust a myth that seems to revolve around both mentoring and coaching.
The myth is that something needs “fixing” and that’s why someone seeks the assistance of a mentor or coach.
That is so not true. The most successful people in the world have business coaches or mentors. They are already making millions of dollars each year and yet they still work with a coach or mentor. In fact, any time you see that someone is hugely successful, it’s more likely than not that they have a coach or mentor by their side.
So let’s agree that you don’t need to be a failure to get the support of a coach or mentor. In fact, let’s flip it around and say that massive success is more easily achieved when there is a coach or mentor in the picture.
Now that I’ve gotten that point across, I’d like to focus on the five main benefits of working with a coach or mentor.
1-      A Mentor Holds Us Accountable
At the most basic level, a mentor holds us accountable towards achieving our business and life goals. Many entrepreneurs and business owners suffer from a lack of structure and discipline. It’s easy to fall victim to that because we’re our own bosses. This is the best part and worst part of being a business owner. It’s the best part because “there’s no one to report to” (except our clients of-course). Hallelujah! It’s the worst part because, well,  “there’s no one to report to!” and this makes it more difficult to stay on track.
Hiring a mentor helps us first get clear on our business and life goals because many of us don’t actually take that step. Second, they help hold us accountable towards achieving these goals. In fact, these goals are usually at the forefront of the mentoring relationship and thus you are more likely than not to achieve these goals.
2-      A Mentor Offers a Fresh Pair of Eyes
A coach or mentor sees what you might not be seeing.  Can you tell what this photo is of?
Closeup Image
Our business may look something like this picture. We can’t always “see” the big picture. We are part of the experiences and relationships that make up our life and business, especially when we’re so involved in day-to-day matters and in what steps are needed to take it to the next level. Well, a coach or mentor has the ability, as an impartial person, to look at our business from a bigger purely objective perspective.  
In fact, a mentor has an aerial and neutral point of view of our business. So he/she has the opportunity to (a) look at the big picture (i.e. zooming out of that image you saw above) and (b) look at the same image with a neutral point of view (no subjectivity or attachment involved). This is a hugely powerful reason why working with a mentor is an absolute must if you’re determined to achieve your business goals. We often latch on to the possibilities that we THINK will work for us when in fact there may be countless other and more effective possibilities that we’re not seeing.
The photo, by the way, is a close-up of a beautiful butterfly’s wing. Click here to see the full picture.
3-      A Business Mentor Shows Us HOW and Guides Us
I chose to go into mentoring because I love to inspire others to grow and succeed, be it at a personal level or business level. So when I was deciding whether to go into personal or business mentoring, I realized it would be such a waste NOT to go into business mentoring because of all the knowledge, resources and experience I had accumulated running my own business and even making mistakes in the business.
So a business mentor is someone who has been there and done that and can show his/her clients HOW to grow the business with fewer mistakes along the way.  He/she will offer the client the resources he/she used in their own success. He/she will share their knowledge and expertise. Many people need that kind of support in their business. After all, time is money. Why waste time and money doing the same mistakes your mentor did?
4-      A Business Mentor Offers Support and Advice When We Need It
Running a business has its difficulties and challenges. Often times, so many decisions need to be taken and we are at a loss on which path to go along. We often question whether we’re making the right decision(s). Again, though not very different from the “fresh pair of eyes” mentioned in point 2 above, a mentor provides support and advice when we need it. We very often already know the answer but sometimes we need someone to validate or challenge us. That alone gives us a heightened level of awareness. There is some comfort knowing that someone who is “impartial” has given their thoughts and advice. It’s similar to a child confiding in an adult who is not their parent because they expect a more objective point of view.
5-      A Business Mentor Helps Us Remain Focused
I love the big shiny object syndrome because I have been SO GUILTY of that in my own life and business. We are easily excited and distracted by the “next big thing”. When we do that, we lose focus and momentum. Sometimes, we’re so close to getting where we want to be but some distraction comes into the picture that takes us off course. That’s OK if we “discover” that this is what we want to be doing. But if it’s taking us away from our goals and values, then a business mentor will step in and help keep us grounded and focused. That alone is extremely powerful.
So that wraps us 5 great benefits for working with a business mentor. I’d like to end this piece with a reminder that a mentor or coach is not responsible FOR you. They are responsible TO you and that is a huge difference. You remain responsible for your own success. And rightly so!
Until next time….