5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Blog for Your Business

Not into blogging? You may want to reconsider as I share with you 5 important reasons why you should have a blog for your business!


Many people don’t realize the importance of having a blog on their website. It is actually extremely important and vital that you have one. Here are some 5 great reasons why!
1- Search Engines Love It!
If you’ve ever worked with a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company, it’s likely that they incorporated a blog as part of the offering or they required that you have a blog. The reason for this is that search engines love fresh content. When you say that you’re a “Nutritionist”, “Social Media Expert” or “Photographer”, the search engines want validation on that. They want to see fresh content being posted with those specific keywords. Put simply, it is proof to the search engines that you do what you say you do. As long as you are not blogging, and your competitors are, the search engines will view them as more relevant than you are and will rank them higher up in search results. So at the very least, start a blog and keep it active for organically higher search engine rankings.
2- It’s an Opportunity to Showcase Your Expertise
If people visited your website, they may have read a bit about your expertise. They saw your qualifications and experience. But that alone may not be enough. When you have an active blog, it’s an opportunity for you to showcase your expertise to your potential customers and followers. Use your blog to give your followers tips and tricks as part of your expertise and really show them that you know what you’re doing. Again, it’s validation for the people who follow you.
3- It’s a Great Way to Build Relationships with Your Followers
With internet marketing, you do not have the privilege to meet face-to-face with your followers. So the only way they really get to know you is through what you have to say in your blog and social media. You want to make sure that you let your personality shine so that your potential customers build trust towards you. By having your authentic self show through what you write, your customers will build rapport towards you so that by the time they see you face to face, they will feel like they already know you!
4- It’s One Way of Promoting Your Services
You do not want you blog posts to be a sales pitch. People will get irritated with that. But simply by publishing a blog post, you’re reminding your customers of your service. Every now and then, you can publish something about an offer or promotion that’s on or you can slip in a word or two about one of your products or services. When sharing your blog on other channels, such as social media, make sure that you divert followers back to your website where they can be reminded of the products or services you provide.
5- It’s a Great Way to Attract Attention and Grow Your Following
When you’re blogging, readers will “like” what you have to say and they will share it with their friends and colleagues. When that happens, their network will notice your blog. They will be curious to see what it’s about. It can even go viral! That’s how Justin Bieber got discovered! The home video he posted on Youtube went viral and that’s how he was spotted by a talent manager who then brought him to fame. So write a blog and make it interesting so that your readers share it and get you more followers. What better way to grow your subscribers list?
If you haven’t yet started blogging, it’s never too late. Start now and be sure to keep it active, fun and engaging.
Your Assignment to Get More Clients & Grow Your Business
Jot down a list of 5 topics you can write about now that is relevant to your business and your customers. Commit to writing these articles – one each week – over the next 5 weeks. Share some ideas below and get feedback from me on these topics!